Morini’s family

Morini’s family

A step into history

The seed of the entrepreneurial idea was planted by founders Luigi and Giuseppe Morini, who in 1980 decided to join forces and their lands too, to let a small family-run winery take roots, with the purpose of cultivating the fruits of the earth, particularly grapes, delivered in the past at the local Cantina Sociale – copperative winery.

Over the years, the progenitors’ son (founder’s sons), the seven Morini brothers and cousins, joined in the company, bringing their energy and skills to modernize the family business.

To the winery’s historical lands, located in the Val d’Illasi, in 1992 were added vineyards in the heart of the Val di Mezzane, surrounding an old farmhouse from the early 1900s that, in the not-too-distant future, would become the heart of the Ilatium Morini winery.

The great news came in 2003 when the first wine label was produced, the first sample, which is jealously kept in the Morini Family’s archives.

It was soon realized, that the first location, rich in memories, was too small to contain the dreams and desires of the seven young owners. So, in 2006, in Val di Mezzane lands, it was decided to build the new and modern winery, the current headquarters of the business.

At that point the winery was ready to project itself into the future, and in 2020, thanks to the careful restoration of the old farmhouse, two new spaces were added: the Wine Shop and tasting rooms.

The origins of Illasi village

The origins of the village are traced back to the ancient Romans who after a long march, to reach distant lands of conquest, decided to stop in these lands to catch their breath, driven by the richness of the place that immediately showed as ideal for the cultivation of vines, olive trees and fruit trees.

The locals were quick to call them the Latii, “those from Lazio“.

The historical finds, a few stones accidentally came to light ploughing, give evidence of how the Morini are keeper of two thousand years of history.