In the modern Ilatium Morini’s cellar, all machinery and production equipment are energy saving and the barrels used to refine the wines, come from sustainable forest management.Last but not least, in 2008, a photovoltaic system was installed to allow the company to be energy-indipendent and take advantage of the energy that nature itself makes available.

In the vineyard, most operations are carried out manually, with specialized staff, respecting the seasonality and life cycle of the vineyard. The irrigation of the vineyards is also economical and, to optimize and reduce waste to a minimum, it is carried out with a drip system and exclusively in moments of extreme necessity, aiming only at the sustenance of the vine.

Finally, the pomace that remains after the Amarone vinification phase is used for the production of the grappa of the same name. No less important is the packaging that dresses the bottle, which has always been completely recyclable.